Why Tasmania

We understand that Hobart & Launceston are not as well known as Sydney or Melbourne, so students will ask plenty of questions. Here are some great talking points to explain why Tasmania is the best Australian state for international students.



Tasmania is widely regarded as Australia’s safest state. Based on 2018 (most recent) Australian Government data, Tasmania had the lowest rates of theft & physical assault of all Australian states and territories. This means our international students have the opportunity to live and learn in the safest possible environment, and can have the confidence to go out and enjoy their time here to the fullest.


Quality Schools

Tasmanian Government Schools teach the Australian national curriculum, just like in any other Australian state. Our schools tend to have smaller class sizes, and fewer international students, meaning that students receive the attention care that they need. Tasmanian school students also have the higher rates of acceptance into Australian universities than any other state.


Low Cost of Living

Tasmania has the lowest living costs of any state in Australia in many important categories. This article has some interesting information for comparing costs, and this website allows for direct comparisons between Australian cities. In Tasmania, international students receive the same discounted rates for public transport,  and their student card also provides discounts for several other things including movie tickets and some restaurants.


Insourced Homestay Program

GETI does not outsource its homestay program to other organisations. We directly operate the homestay program ourselves and this results in increased student safety, faster response times for issues & better communication – and ultimately a better student experience.


Great Lifestyle

Being an island, you’re never far away from the beach in Tasmania. Tasmania is also host to a number of world class food, music & cultural festivals. Smaller cities mean shorter commute times, and make it easy for students to get out of the city to explore the rest of the state. Tasmanians also love the relaxed feel of Hobart and Launceston, friendly locals, great food & beautiful environment.


Best Place in the World to Learn & Practice English

Less international students means more progress with English. Students are more likely to achieve that next IELTS level faster when living in Hobart as they will be fully immersed into an English speaking environment.


Clean Air & Environment

Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world! In addition to the world’s freshest air and purest water, Tasmania has beautiful national parks, beaches, mountains, forests. And don’t forget the cute & friendly wildlife.


Authentic Australian Experience.

With lower numbers of international students living and studying in Tasmania, students will get a real, authentic Australian experience. There is no better way for students to immerse themselves in Australian culture and learn from our friendly locals.


Friendly Community

Its smaller population size means that Tasmanians have much tighter community bonds than you will find in Australia’s larger cities. International students will find Tasmanian people are helpful, kind, accepting & patient.


Natural Beauty

Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world can be found in Tasmania. People travel from all over the world to experience Tasmania which means our cities are organised and developed for tourism, and this means it is easy for students to experience the state and it’s unforgettable natural wonders.



Some people think that Tasmania must be cold, because it is in the South. Actually Hobart is on the same latitude as Barcelona or Rome, and has a consistent, temporate climate with average temperatures averaging 22.2°C in January and 8.6°C in July. Hobart is also the second driest capital city in Australia – so people are not stuck inside because of the rain!



It’s easy to travel between Hobart and the other major cities in Australia. Tasmania has several flights per day to Melbourne (less that 1 hour), Sydney (less than 2 hours) & other destinations including Brisbane & the Gold Coast.


Regional Classification

All of Tasmania (including Hobart and Launceston) is classified as regional, meaning that it may be easier for students to stay and live here if they choose to after completing their study. Simply put, students get the benefits of studying in a location classified as regional, while still enjoying all the benefits that come with living in a modern city.