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Student Ambassador Program

Do you want to speak to someone about their experiences at TasTAFE and studying in Tasmania, Australia? Our Student Ambassadors are all current students who started out just like you and understand the journey you are on. They will aim to respond to you within a few days.

Please do not ask our Student Ambassadors about entry requirements to our courses or prices. If you have questions about the course entry requirements, please contact GETI by using this enquiry form.

Hong Kong
Information Technology

“My name is Heibrance and I am pursuing a Diploma of Information Technology at TasTAFE in Hobart. I am currently undertaking an internship at Government Education and Training International and I am a mentor for TasTAFE’s International Student Ambassador program.”

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Commercial Cookery

“It takes some time before you find out your true passion, and I am glad I found mine, which is why I am studying Cookery at TasTAFE. Tasmania is a place where a perfect balance is reached between wild nature and human civilisation. Nature shows its beauty from every snowy mountain top to every sunny, sandy beach. Tasmanian people are warm and friendly. This is where I find my inner peace and gives me the strength to become a better self.”

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Diploma of Nursing

“I’m Dewi. I’m a Malaysian living in Tasmania since January 2022 and currently studying Diploma of Nursing with TasTAFE. Pro Facebooker, K-Pop enthusiast, Malaysian cuisine aficionado, certified cleanaholic, tea addict and dog lover are some of the things that describe me. I see myself as a fun loving person who enjoys meeting new people. I love nature walks and exploring new places, but I also enjoy learning new cooking recipes and eating them. My life mantra is ‘knowledge is power’ and ‘Life is short, so make the best of it’. ”

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Commercial Cookery

“My first part-time job in Australia has brought me to the culinary industry. Prior to the studying commercial cookery in Tasmania, I was doubtful about my cooking ability. With the top-quality training at TasTAFE, I am now confident that cooking will be my career. I wish to inspire and share the experience of stepping out of their comfort zone to explore possibilities and ourselves with other international students.”

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Diploma of Nursing

“I went to Tasmania to improve my English and because of the beautiful scenery. My journey at TasTAFE is unforgettable as I met so many supportive people, including teachers and classmates, to assist me in pursuing my career. All the teachers here are supportive and responsive. Tassie really has the most beautiful scenery in all of Australia. It has the cleanest air in the world, combined with its unique wildlife, making it one of the most amazing places in the world. Also, relatively low living costs have created a slow pace of life, and the people here are generally more enthusiastic and friendly. Tassie is one of the places that everyone should visit in their lifetime.”

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Diploma of Community Services

“My name is Nigel and I’m from Zimbabwe in Africa. I am proudly African and like to mix and mingle with everyone despite their race or gender. I am studying Community Servies at TasTAFE. I chose TasTAFE because of their great respect for the community and their face-to-face studies. I like watching movies, listening to music and being on social media in my free time.”

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Diploma of Nursing

“My name is Amanjot. I am from India. I love exploring and visiting new places, and meeting new people; it is an adventure for me. I love studying with TasTAFE.”

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Hospitality Management

“My name is Vy and I am now working as a bartender at a well-known dining bar in Salamanca, Hobart. I followed my passion and enrolled in Hospitality Management at TasTAFE. I chose TasTAFE because of the real-world skills that are delivered at TasTAFE. I enjoy meeting and talking with new people while working.”

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