Junior High School (7-10)

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Tasmania’s Junior High Schools are for students in Years 7-10 (approximately 13 – 16 years of age).

The focus of Junior High School is to provide an environment in which you will further develop your skills in literacy, numeracy and IT, and also a broad range of interpersonal skills like planning, problem solving, time management and decision making. You will study a combination of compulsory subjects, with additional choices that match your individual talents and career ambitions. Each school also offers a range of extracurricular (enrichment) activities, including sport, music and excursions.

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In Junior High School, you will study a broad range of subjects, both academic and recreational. These school years are a really good time to work out which subjects interest you, and which subjects you would like to study further in the future.

In Years 7 and 8 you will study a range of compulsory subjects, including the core subjects Maths, Science, English, and Humanities, as well as recreational subjects such as Physical Education, Art, Computing, and Design and Technology.

In Years 9 and 10 you will continue to study the compulsory core subjects – Maths, Science, English, and Humanities – but you will get to select which other subjects you would like to study. For example, you may have a strong interest in Science and Computing, so you may elect to study Computing and Extended Science.

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English as a Second Language (ESL) Tuition

All Tasmanian Government Junior High Schools offer English as a Second Language (ESL) tuition on-campus. The programs delivered in each school will vary, however all will teach you a range of important skills for improving your English Language level. You will receive English language tuition to suit your level of ability.

Your ESL tuition will be delivered alongside “mainstream” subjects, such as Maths, Science and History and Art. This means that you will get to attend classes with local Tasmanian classmates, which is a great way to practice your English language skills. Further English support is also provided on-campus by support teachers.


The majority of Junior High Schools do not require students to sit examinations. Some do set exams, but the purpose of these exams is to prepare students for their further studies. Instead, you will undertake assessment activities throughout the school year, including assignments, projects, and tests.

Regardless of your results in Junior High School, you will be able to progress to a Senior High School. Your results in Junior High School will determine which “level” of a subject you can enter into at your Senior High School. For example, if you have achieved good results in Mathematics in Year 10, you may choose to study Maths at a ‘pre-university’ level (Level 3) in Year 11. If you did not do so well in Maths in Year 10, you may study Maths at Level 2 in Year 11, and progress to Level 3 in Year 12. For more information about continuing your studies at Senior High School, see our Academic Program details.


If you are planning on studying in Tasmania for a long term, you will be required to wear a school uniform. Upon your arrival in Tasmania, your school will provide you with information regarding uniform requirements.

If you are only studying at a school for a short period of time, you may not have to wear a uniform, or the school may provide you with a uniform to borrow.

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2023 Term Dates and Tuition Fees

English Tuition

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Entry Requirements

There is no minimum English language level required for entry into Tasmanian Government Junior High Schools. All that we ask is to see your most recent school transcript.

Student Support

Tasmania’s Government Schools and TasTAFE pride themselves on providing outstanding care to international students. Click here for more information on the student support we offer.