Learning in Tasmania

In Tasmania it is not only the way of life that is unique, but also the style of education provided to all students.

When you study at one of Tasmania’s Government Schools or TasTAFE, you will be studying in an education system that prides itself on providing outstanding care and support to students. With smaller class sizes (approximately 25 students in school classes), and a lower proportion of international students, each student gets more one-on-one, individual support from teachers and support staff.

When learning in Tasmania, you will be encouraged to become an active lifelong learner. Not only will you learn a wealth of subject knowledge, you will also learn how to learn – you will learn the skills of research and  investigation, questioning and analysis.

Students are encouraged to ask questions, give their opinions and participate in collaborative activities and group-work. The intention is to teach students how to think and learn for themselves. If a student is having problems, they are expected to ask for help. Teachers are there to help and to make sure that every student passes, so extra tuition is always available.

The learning style in Tasmanian Schools and TasTAFE is very practical in nature – not only will you learn subject theory, but you will also learn how to apply it. In your school, you may apply the theory in a research project, or a group presentation. You will be encouraged to work collaboratively in a team, and you will be encouraged to think creatively. In TasTAFE, the practical learning goes one step further – once you learn the theory, you get to apply it in real-life, whether in a simulated work environment or during your work experience placements.

Our education system is also aware that not all students are the same – some require additional support, and some require additional challenges. Therefore, many of our schools offer extension programs for advanced students, allowing students to study tuition at a higher level. This individualised support is perhaps the most unique feature of Tasmania’s education system – each student will get the care, support, and attention that they deserve.


A day in the life of a student studying in Tasmania