Study Pathways

If your plan is to qualify for entrance to University, the Tasmanian Government has established pathways for qualification into any Australian University and, in particular, the University of Tasmania.

  • Any student who completes Year 11 and 12 at a Tasmanian Senior High School, and gains an Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR) will graduate with a pathway into University, depending on their results. For more information, see the TCE Academic Program page.
  • Vocational education and training (VET) qualifications from TasTAFE can earn you credit towards a University degree in the same subject area at any Australian university. TasTAFE has particularly generous credit pathways and articulation arrangements with the University of Tasmania.

Senior High School Pathway

Studying at a Tasmanian Senior High School will give you a unique advantage to qualify for your preferred university course.

All Universities in Australia allocate places to students on the basis of their results from two years of study – Year 11 and Year 12. These results are calculated into the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR). The higher your ATAR, the better your chances of getting into the University you want. So if you have a specific degree in mind, you will need to know what ATAR to achieve.

In Tasmania, our courses are designed to help you maximise your ATAR. International student advisors and career counsellors will guide you into the courses you need to achieve this goal.

  • Most students study 10 subjects over two years in Year 11 and Year 12, but only the best 5 count towards your ATAR.
  • You must get passes in Maths, IT and English as an Additional Language, but these scores do not have to be counted among your 5 best.
  • Every Tasmanian student goes through this process and, depending on their ATAR, is able to apply for places at ANU, UNSW, Monash, RMIT or any university in Australia, including the University of Tasmania.
  • Achieving the right ATAR does not guarantee you a place at university and all international students will be subject to the usual fees, visa restrictions and English language requirements.

Diploma+Degree pathways

A VET qualification from TasTAFE can earn you credit towards a university degree. TasTAFE has pathways leading to the University of Tasmania – these are part of the Diploma + Degree program. 

Diploma + Degree qualifications have several benefits for students:

  • Reduced university course costs
    By attaining a VET qualification at TasTAFE first, students can receive advance credit into UTAS – meaning the cost for your university degree will be reduced dramatically.
  • More and better jobs
    With a blend of practical and academic skills, students with both VET and Bachelor qualifications may have an advantage in the jobs market.
  • Improve your results
    If your marks or your English were not good enough to go straight into University, you may still qualify for a VET course that will give you more time to improve.

Each Diploma + Degree pathway is different and it is up to UTAS to determine how much credit it will grant. The standard of your work at TasTAFE will affect the amount of credit you are given.