Dependant Students

Dependant students are temporary residents who enrol in Tasmanian Government Schools, whilst living with a parent or a guardian who is in Australia to work, study or is in the process of migrating.

Dependant students on a temporary or provisional visa require an Authority to Enrol from GETI prior to enrolment at a Tasmanian Government School. Click this link to access more information about the tuition fees and levies payable for certain visa categories.


Examples of visa categories that require an Authority to Enrol from GETI include:

  • Bridging visa
  • Student visa
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa
  • Temporary Activity visa
  • Temporary Graduate visa
  • Temporary Skill Shortage visa
  • Partner visa (Temporary/Provisional)

Just like Australian students, dependant students normally study at the Government School that is nearest to their Tasmanian residential address.


If you wish to apply for an Authority to Enrol, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download and complete the Temporary Resident Student Application form

Step 2: Email the completed application form along with your family’s passport copies and visa documents to

Step 3: GETI will process your child’s application and advise if you will be required to pay tuition fees.

Step 4: Once all required documents and tuition fees (if applicable) have been received, you will receive an Authority to Enrol for your child.

Step 5: Present the Authority to Enrol to the Tasmanian Government School in your intake area to complete the enrolment process.

The Authority to Enrol will be valid for the complete duration of your child’s visa.

Tuition fees

Some dependant students are required to pay tuition fees for their time in Tasmanian Government schools, but the fees and the application process are different to that of full-fee paying international students.

Whether or not a dependant student is required to pay tuition fees is determined by the the visa held by the student.

The tuition fees are to be paid in full prior to enrolment.

Fees for Kindergarten:

  • Full year – AU$3,750
  • Per term – AU$937.50
  • Per week – AU$110*

Fees for Schools (Prep to Year 12):

  • Full year – AU$7,500
  • Per term – AU$1,875
  • Per week – AU$220*

*Weekly tuition fees only apply if a student is not enrolled for a complete school term.

Please contact GETI directly if you have any questions regarding your child’s tuition fees.


All dependant students are required to pay compulsory school levies. School levies need to be paid directly to the school at the time of enrolment.

Each school sets their own price for levies. This money helps the school to deliver a variety of services and programs for students. However, school uniforms, books and some excursions must all be purchased separately.

Change in details

While your child is enrolled in a Tasmanian Government School on a temporary or provisional visa, you must inform GETI if your child:

  • changes address
  • is granted a new visa
  • intends to transfer to another Tasmanian Government School
  • intends to leave school