Teaching Staff

International Student Enquiries

The Tasmanian Government welcomes international students to Government Schools, Colleges, and TasTAFE.

International students bring diversity to our State and enrich our education community.

The international education office (GETI) manages all international student enquiries, tuition fees, welfare and enrolments for this group of students.

If you receive an enquiry, please follow this process:

  1. Is the student a permanent resident of Australia? This is determined by the student (or parent of the student) holding an Australian passport, or by the student’s/parent’s current visa status
  2. If YES, please ask to view the student’s/parent’s documents. If you have already seen the document, please enrol the student as per normal domestic student arrangements.
  3. If NO (or you’re not sure), contact GETI Tasmania.

Note: students on a student visa can only enrol in courses that are officially registered with the Australian Government – all non-permanent residents should be referred to GETI Tasmania for explanation of course availability, fees, and application processes.


Reporting an Incident

GETI Tasmania takes international student safety very seriously. If an incident occurs, please contact us directly, or click to view our Critical Incident procedure.


Useful Contacts

To contact GETI, please call our front desk on 6165 5727 or email using the links below.

Reception – info@geti.tas.gov.au

Anne Ripper, Director – anne.ripper@education.tas.gov.au

James Burrows, Deputy Director – james.burrows@education.tas.gov.au

Mayumi Toya, Marketing Officer – mayumi.toya@education.tas.gov.au

Jess Burt, Marketing Officer – jess.burt@education.tas.gov.au

Shane Brock, Finance and Compliance Officer – shane.brock@education.tas.gov.au

Kelly Cooper, Finance Officer – kelly.cooper@education.tas.gov.au

Christy Mie Capondag, Administrative Officer – christy.mie.capondag@education.tas.gov.au

Danni Peterson, Homestay, Admissions and Study Tour Officer – danni.peterson@education.tas.gov.au

Tiffany von Stieglitz, Homestay Coordinator North – tiffany.von.stieglitz@education.tas.gov.au

Helen Maddox, Homestay Coordinator South – helen.maddox@education.tas.gov.au

Deidre Cheers, Administration Officer  – deidre.cheers@education.tas.gov.au

Suzanne Dykes, Administration Officer  – suzanne.dykes@education.tas.gov.au

Nick Howe, Administration Officer  – nick.howe@education.tas.gov.au

Trista Ge, Administration Officer  – trista.ge@education.tas.gov.au