Diploma of Leadership and Management Package

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While studying the Diploma of Management Package you will learn about finance, operations, leadership, communication, budgeting, human resource management, and strategy development.

These skills will allow you to gain employment in Senior Team Leader positions where you will be in charge of managing daily business operations and a team of employees.



Course Structure

This course offers a combination of theory and hands-on learning. You will work on projects within the classroom, and experience practical learning in simulated business environments. Your studies will also include working on problem-based scenarios showing issues faced by Australian businesses.

Early Exit Points

• Exit after 21 weeks to earn a Certificate III in Business

• Exit after 42 weeks to earn a Certificate IV in Business

Employment Outcomes

Team Leader, General Manager, E-business manager.

Pathway to University

Receive up to 8 units of advanced credit into a University of Tasmania 3-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree, majoring in Management or Human Resource Management.

Up to 4 units of unspecified credit only will be awarded into a University of Tasmania Bachelor of Business Degree.