English Tuition

All Tasmanian Government Schools offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) tuition on-campus. The programs delivered in each school will vary, however all will teach you a range of important skills for improving your English Language level. You will receive English language tuition to suit your level of ability.

You will be taught how to:

  • read beginner and intermediate texts, such as newspaper articles, short stories, poems and novels
  • speak and listen through conversations, group work, interviews and speeches
  • improve your grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • increase your vocabulary
  • write responses to written texts, explain your ideas and express your opinion
  • write journals, news articles, stories and letters
  • manage your study and improve your study skills
  • conduct research
  • write job applications and resumes
  • use Information and Computer Technologies to create communications.

A range of in-class activities are used to make your learning engaging and interactive. These include:

  • class discussions
  • silent reading
  • journal writing
  • viewing and listening to movies and CDs
  • excursions to museums, historical sites and other places of interest
  • group work

The sorts of topics that you will explore in class include:

  • identity
  • family
  • everyday life
  • transport
  • likes and dislikes
  • eating and drinking
  • geography
  • careers and education
  • hobbies and interests
  • culture and tradition

In primary school English tuition will be delivered by the classroom teacher, and further English support provided on-campus by support teachers.

In Junior High School your EAL tuition will be delivered alongside “mainstream” subjects, such as Maths, Science and History and Art. This means that you will get to attend classes with local Tasmanian classmates, which is a great way to practice your English language skills. Further English support is also provided on-campus by support teachers.

In Senior High School, you will be required to study an English subject, for example English as a Second Language, alongside your other elected subjects. Additional English tuition and support will be available outside of this subject.