Primary School (Prep‑Y6)

Primary School Program (Prep – Year 6)

Tasmanian Government Primary Schools provide an enriching learning environment with a strong emphasis on basic skills in literacy, numeracy and IT. Teachers work closely with children and their families to develop students sense of self-worth and the values they need for life in a global society.

Primary school years

Prep and Year 1 to 6 (with a total duration of up to 7 years) form primary school classes in Tasmanian Government Primary Schools:

  • To enter Year 1, students must be 6 years of age at the time they apply for their visa
  • The final year of primary school is Year 6 where students are usually 12 to 13 years of age.

Program benefits

Our Primary School Programs are designed to prepare young learners for a strong start to learning – not just academic learning, but also critical thinking and personal and social capabilities.

  • Special English lessons for non-English speaking students
  • Academic support on campus by teachers
  • Hands-on and interactive learning across all learning areas of the Australian Curriculum
  • Enjoy many different outdoor activities coordinated by schools all year round
  • Full integration and friendship with local students

More information on curriculum in Tasmanian Government Schools, visit Curriculum in Tasmanian Government schools – Department for Education, Children and Young People (

Student services and support

Student wellbeing and welfare is fundamental to learning. We are committed to ensure every child and young person is known, safe, well and learning.

A range of student services and support are available to international students to assist them throughout their studies.

Click here for more information on the student services and support.

Entry requirements

There are no minimum English requirements for international student joining our primary schools in Tasmania.

Special English services are available to international students who may not have the English level they need for their classroom activities, and other school activities.

Students normally attend the primary school that is closest to their residential address.


It is an Australian visa requirement that Primary School students studying on a student visa must be living with a parent or legal guardian at all times, so therefore students must be accompanied to Tasmania by a parent or legal guardian.

Please note that different visa restrictions on student visas from some countries including the minimum age at which a student can study overseas may apply. For more information regarding visas, please see the Department of Home Affairs website.

Fees and program options

Fees apply to our Primary School Programs. Students may also need to pay additional fees for school uniforms, excursions and tours.

Please read our Tasmanian Government Schools Brochure to find out further details.