Government Schools

High School Study in Tasmania, Australia

Tasmanian schools deliver the Australian curriculum and have a history of academic excellence. Our schools offer a great selection of subjects. Our year 11 and 12 schools offer a variety of enrichment activities. Learning goes beyond the classroom.

Specialised senior schools

The Tasmanian Government provides schooling for students from Kindergarten through to year 12. 

Students begin their education in Primary school (ages 4-11). Please note, that students under the age of 12, will need to be accompanied by a guardian.

Students then change schools in Grade 7, Junior High School (ages 12-15). The next two years are Senior High School (ages 16-18). This is when students obtain the nationally recognised Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE). Senior High Schools are specialised learning centres for students aged 16 and over. They provide an excellent learning environment, with near 100 exciting subject choices.

View the Tasmanian Education System (PDF)

Tasmanian Government Homestay program

Operated by GETI in the Department of Education, our homestay program offers a safe and secure environment.

Personalised support

Each school employs a dedicated International Student Advisor to support international students. GETI also manage a 24/7 emergency support line. We are always here to help.

Wide range of enrichment activities

Our senior schools offer free enrichment programs to cater to students’ passions and talents. Programs include music, sports, debating, surfing and kayaking.

Tasmanian Government Schools Brochure

2022 Tasmanian Government Schools Brochure

Tasmanian Government Schools Brochure English (PDF 2939 KB)

2023 Tasmanian Government School Term Dates and Fees

2023 Tasmanian Government School Term Dates and Fees

Tasmanian Government School Brochure in Vietnamese (PDF 2226 KB)

Tasmanian Government School Brochure in Vietnamese (PDF 2226 KB)