Government Schools

Tasmanian Government Schools

Tasmanian Government Schools deliver the Australian curriculum and have a long history of academic excellence. Our schools offer a great selection of subjects and a wide range of programs to support students through their study and personal development.

Tasmanian Government education system

The Tasmanian Government provides schooling for international students from Prep through to Year 12.
Students begin their education in Primary Schools (Prep – Year 6), then continue to progress into Junior High Schools (Year 7 – 10) and Senior High Schools (Year 11 – 12). Upon completion of Years 11 and 12, students can go on for further studies such as going to university or vocational education and training study.

Study at Tasmanian Government Schools

  • Quality and academic excellence

In Tasmania, 93% of students who applied for university receive an offer – more than in any other Australian state or territory. *

  • Personalised support for students

Every school employs a dedicated International Student Advisor (ISA) to provide learning and personal support to international students.

The Tasmanian Government Education International team provides support 24/7, including after-hours emergency support to ensure students are always able to access help and support when they need it.

  • Wide range of extracurricular activities

Our schools offer free specialty enrichment programs to cater to students’ passions and talents.

  • Specialised Senior High Schools

Specialised Senior High Schools (Year 11 and 12) provide a focused preparation for future study at university, access to specialised facilities and more than 100 exciting subject choices.

  • Government managed homestay program

Operated by the Tasmanian Government, our homestay program offers safe, secure and welcoming accommodation for students from Years 7 – 12 to experience an authentic Australian family and community life.

International student programs

We offer programs for international students aged 6 to 18 years in Tasmanian Government Schools across the state.

Our schools provide an internationally recognised academic curriculum, and many offer vocational training and special programs. Extracurricular activities are also available to help students make new friends and stay healthy.

Discover more about our International Student Programs:

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*Data sourced from October 2021, Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment Undergraduate applications, offers and acceptances 2021