Temporary Resident (Dependant) Program

If you are moving to Tasmania to study or work on a temporary resident visa, your children (referred to as dependants) are very welcome to study with us.  The Temporary Resident Program (TRP) helps a significant number of students on temporary visas enrol into our Tasmanian government schools.

The Visas at a Glance document provides a comprehensive list of visa subclasses with the most commonly seen subclasses appearing on the front page. This document lists permanent and temporary visas and whether or not tuition fees and school levies are to be paid.

Parents granted a visa to stay and work or study in Australia can use this list to identify if their child (referred to as a dependant) MUST receive an Authority to Enrol (AtE) letter before enrolling in a Tasmanian Government School. Government Education and Training International (GETI) issues the AtE on behalf of the Department of Education.

The Department of Home Affairs requires that students looking to study in Australia apply for a relevant visa.  For more information on the student visa application process, please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website www.homeaffairs.gov.au

What are the enrolment requirements?

In order for TRP students to enrol, a parent MUST:

  • Apply for their child prior to enrolling at a school
  • Complete the online Temporary Resident Program Student Application Form
  • We recommend using Google Chrome to complete this form
  • Receive GETI approval, who will then issue an ‘Authority to Enrol’ letter.


The school must see your Authority to Enrol letter before your child can be enrolled.

When can I enrol my child?

The Temporary Resident Program (TRP) enrols school-aged children at any time during the year. Our school year consists of four terms (refer to term dates) and caters for the following year groups:

  • Primary school – Kindergarten to Year 6
  • Secondary (High) school – Years 7-10
  • Senior Secondary (College) – Years 11-12
  • The compulsory school starting age in Tasmania is five years on or by 1 January.

Dependants of temporary residents MUST hold a valid visa and meet the general conditions of enrolment before enrolling in a Tasmanian Government School.

Where can I enrol my child?

Just like Australian students, TRP students normally study at the government school that is nearest to their Tasmanian residential address.

What fees must I pay?

Most TRP students are required to pay tuition fees for their time in Tasmanian government schools, but the fees and the application process are different to that of full-fee paying international students.

Whether or not a TRP student is required to pay tuition fees is determined by the visa held by the student.

The tuition fees are to be paid in full prior to enrolment.

Fees for Kindergarten:

  • Full year – AU$3,750
  • Per term – AU$937.50
  • Per week – AU$110*

Fees for Schools (Prep to Year 12):

  • Full year – AU$7,500
  • Per term – AU$1,875
  • Per week – AU$220*

*Weekly tuition fees only apply if a student is not enrolled for a complete school term.

491 and 494 visa holders pay 50% of the tuition fees above. 

Please contact GETI directly if you have any questions regarding your child’s tuition fees.


School levies are not the same as tuition fees. All TRP students are required to pay school levies.  School levies are approximately AUD $300 – $750 per year and are charged by the school directly. For further information please refer to fees and levies.

Note: Children temporarily living in Tasmania on a visitor visa may study up to 12 weeks, but must enrol as an International Full Fee-Paying Student (FFPS).

Will my child receive English language support?

All TRP students will receive English language support if they are assessed as requiring assistance. A needs assessment will be conducted by the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Service eal.service@education.tas.gov.au

What are my responsibilities to GETI as a parent?

While your child is enrolled in a Tasmanian government school on a temporary or provisional visa, you must inform GETI if your child:

  • changes address
  • is granted a new visa
  • intends to transfer to another Tasmanian Government School
  • intends to leave school

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