Temporary Resident (Dependant) Program

If you are moving to Tasmania on a temporary visa, your children can study at a Tasmanian Government School. You can apply through the Temporary Resident Program (TRP).

How can I apply?

Parents on a Temporary Visa must:

What fees must I pay?*

Please refer to the Visas at Glance document to view which visas require the payment of application and/or tuition fees for Tasmanian Government School enrolment.

Important Notes:

  1. From 1 July 2022, an Application Fee (non-refundable) of AU $150 per student will be charged for all new applications.
  2. New students must pay for two (2) terms before they can enrol.

Fees for Schools (Prep to Year 12):

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

2022 Tuition Fees 2023 Tuition Fees
Full year – $7,500 Full year – $7,600
Per term – $1,875 Per term – $1,900
Per week – $187.50** Per week – $190**

Fees for Kindergarten:

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

2022 Tuition Fees 2023 Tuition Fees
Full year – $3,750 Full year – $3,800
Per term – $937.50 Per term – $950

*Fees may be adjusted throughout the year. Please contact the Temporary Resident Program at GETI to confirm current fees.

**Weekly tuition fees only apply if a student is not enrolled for a complete school term.

491 and 494 visa holders pay 50% of the tuition fees above.

You can request an instalment plan once your child has completed two terms.

Children in Tasmania on a visitor visa may study up to 12 weeks. They must enrol as an International Full Fee-Paying Student (FFPS).

School levies are fees charged by a school and are separate from tuition fees. Families pay levies directly to the school ($300-$750/ year).

When can I enrol my child?

You can enrol your children at any time of the year. The school year consists of four terms (refer to term dates) and includes students in:

  • Primary school – Kindergarten to Year 6
  • Secondary (High) school – Years 7-10
  • Senior Secondary (College) – Years 11-12

The compulsory school starting age in Tasmania is five years on or by 1 January.

Where can I enrol my child?

Students can enrol at their local school. You can find your local intake school here.

Will my child receive English language support?

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Service can assess TRP Students. EAL provides support if required.

What if my situation changes?

You must inform GETI if your child:

  • changes address
  • is granted a new visa
  • intends to transfer to another Tasmanian Government School
  • intends to leave school

Please contact GETI directly if you have any questions about the Temporary Resident Program.

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