About GETI

Government Education and Training International (GETI) Tasmania is a State Government organisation, operating within the Department of Education. We represent Tasmanian Government education and training providers internationally. GETI Tasmania specialises in connecting international students and businesses with flexible education, skills and qualifications from our local government education providers:

GETI Tasmania also has a strong partnership with the University of Tasmania, providing study pathways with credit towards university degrees.


Full fee paying students

Education and training programs for full fee paying international students are only delivered through selected Tasmanian Government schools and particular campuses of TasTAFE. Based on the needs and interests of each student, GETI Tasmania will make recommendations for particular locations.


Delivering Government education overseas as well as in Tasmania*

GETI Tasmania can adapt training solutions to a variety of needs and has a history of coordinating targeted, innovative international programs. For example:

  • GETI Tasmania administers and provides quality assurance for TasTAFE’s partnership with the Australian College in Kuwait, through which TasTAFE has delivered internationally recognised qualifications in Business Management, Marketing, and Accounting since 2003
  • Bangde Vocational College in Shanghai, China delivers TasTAFE’s business and logistics qualifications to students, and is overseen by GETI Tasmania
  • GETI Tasmania administers and provides quality assurance for TasTAFE’s parternship with Genting Star Tourism Academy in the Philippines
  • A workforce development program implemented in Malaysia trained engineers in the construction of infrastructure to service the country’s rubber plantations
  • The Tasmanian Department of Education delivered a capacity building project to provide professional development for school principals, in conjunction with the Thai Ministry of Education and Australian Education International
  • TasTAFE is a registered AusAID provider, a process managed by GETI Tasmania
  • GETI Tasmania has also developed curriculum and provided quality assurance and licensing arrangements for international schools in the Philippines, Korea, Indonesia and China
  • TasTAFE has coordinated the delivery of a Library and Information Systems qualification in Tanzania, Africa

*GETI is presently not pursuing any further opportunities to deliver courses overseas or to license courses for overseas delivery.