Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation – School Students under 18 years old in Tasmania

Tasmania, Australia offers high quality, safe international student accommodation options in a range of settings, from the inner city living of Hobart and Launceston to leafy, garden or beach suburbs.

International Students who are under 18 years of age and living in a Tasmanian Government homestay is under the guardianship of the Tasmanian Government. This means that GETI is responsible for the student’s health and well being.

Homestay allows visiting international students to live with a local Australian family or resident (called a host). The program is a great way for students to learn English and experience Australian culture and lifestyle.

Being a homestay student means living as a member of that family. Students are expected to assist with basic household chores and will be required to adhere to household rules; such as meal times, manners, curfews, shower duration, noise considerations and other rules set by the homestay host.


Ensuring International students are safe is our priority.  We are dedicated to working with high quality homestay hosts. The Tasmanian Government ensures that all homestay hosts hold a current Department of Justice Working with Children Registration. This means all homestay hosts are Government Checked and approved by the Police and the Tasmanian Government, Department for Education, Children and Young People (DECYP). There are two dedicated Homestay Coordinators available to assist with any questions or concerns. The phone number is +61 3 6165 5727.

The GETI office provides a 24 hour/7 days per week emergency service to students and homestay hosts.

For emergencies only, please call +613 6108 0679. For police, fire or ambulance, please call 000.


As part of the GETI Homestay program, you will receive:

  • Three meals per day
  • Your own private, fully-furnished bedroom
  • A dedicated study area with desk, chair and lamp
  • Laundry facilities
  • A key to your homestay home

In addition, your homestay hosts will offer support and advice for:

  • Involvement in family, community, and Australian cultural activities
  • Informal English language learning
  • Health and welfare care and services
  • Transport

Homestay Fee

An annual homestay management fee of AU $200 applies.

For students studying in Years 7-12, the weekly homestay fee is AU$300*- including three meals per day.

*AU $330 per week from 15 July 2023. There is no additional guardianship fee.

School Students Over 18 Years of Age

When you reach 18 years of age, you may request to live in alternative accommodation. To request to leave homestay you must apply to GETI for permission, email:

Tasmania TAFE Student Accommodation Options

TasTAFE Student Accommodation Options

For TasTAFE students, there are a number of options available:

  • Temporary Accommodation
  • TAFE on campus  Accommodation
  • Homestay with TasTAFE
  • Rental Accommodation

Temporary or short term accommodation is a good option when you first arrive in Australia. This gives you time to explore living options and find the right place to live. Before you arrive it is a good idea to book short term accommodation. This allows you time to look for permanent accommodation so that you can choose something that is best for you.

Help and advice

We have international student advisors in Hobart and Launceston, who can assist with TasTAFE homestay and TAFE on-campus accommodation. Please note If you choose to live in a private rental or shared house accommodation, It is your responsibility to make these arrangements.

Temporary Accommodation

Temporary or short term accommodation is a good option when you first arrive in Australia. This allows you time to look for permanent accommodation so that you can choose something that is best for you.

Budget accommodation – Hostels

There are hostels  in and around the cities of Hobart and Launceston, which offer affordable short term accommodation. Most have a mix of private rooms and dormitory style accommodation.

These websites allow you to compare hostels by price and read reviews (please note these are all external websites and are not related to Government Education Training International):

Discounted online rates – hotels

You can access cheaper hotel rates by booking online, if you book close to the time of your departure (please note these are all external websites and are not related to Government Education Training International):

Homestay with TasTAFE

A homestay involves an international student paying to live with an Australian family in their home.

Homestay is like a home away from home; a welcoming place where you can study, relax, and be part of a local Tasmanian family. Living in a Homestay is also a fantastic way for you practice your language skills in an English-speaking environment.

TasTAFE offers a very flexible homestay program. The cost of your homestay will vary depending on what you would like your homestay host to provide.  The cost will vary based on whether you would like full board including all meals, or whether you just require a room and will manage your own meals. You are encouraged to negotiate the kind of arrangement you want with your homestay host, including laundry and meals.

For example:

  • Full board – access to food for three meals per day, from AU$200-AU$240 per week
  • Room only – students supply own food and share household chores, from AU$140-AU$180 per week

Your homestay accommodation will be organised by your TasTAFE International Student Advisor before you arrive in Tasmania. If you would like to live in a Homestay when you arrive in Tasmania, you will need to advise GETI soon after you apply to study.

If you choose to live in a homestay, you can move in up to one week before your course start date.

TAFE on campus  Accommodation

Student accommodations are an excellent option for those looking to live near to or on campus, with the independence of having one’s own apartment plus the ease of an inclusive housing plan.

The residences are large buildings containing a number of units. Each unit is shared by four students. The units have four private bedrooms – one for each resident – and a shared lounge room with TV, bathroom, toilet, and kitchen with a refrigerator and small stove.

You will not have to worry about furnishing your place or organising utilities, and you can live to your own schedule.

There’s a real emphasis on community within student apartments and accommodation, Within the residences, there are also shared facilities available to all student residents. These include Wifi, a games room with billiard and table tennis tables, a general student lounge, and a coin-operated laundry.

Student residences are located on TasTAFE campuses in Hobart and Launceston. In Hobart, Student residences are located at the Clarence Campus. In Launceston, the residences are located at the Alanvale Campus. Both residences are serviced by public transport and are approximately 20 minutes from Hobart and Launceston cities, although bus services are limited of an evening and on weekends.

If you would like to live in a Student Residence, you will need to advise GETI soon after you apply to study.

Rental Accommodation

Renting a place means you select the location, people, furniture, food and internet connection. However, you are responsible for organising and paying for these things yourself.

Expect to pay anywhere between $150 to $270 a week for rent, depending on how many people you share with and where you live. Utilities such as gas, electricity and water bills are not usually covered in rental costs.

Most places require an upfront security payment, often called a bond. This is generally the equivalent of one month’s rent and is used in case you cause any damage to the property.

Many students studying at TasTAFE choose to live in a private rental property, often with a friend or two. Hobart and Launceston are very accessible cities. There is no need to live far away from the city as in Sydney and Melbourne. There are no traffic jams and it is much more affordable in Hobart so you can find the right place, very close to your studies and the city.

Private rental in a flat or house can only be arranged after you have arrived in Tasmania. Most students first register with a real estate agency, then apply for a property they are interested in after an inspection. Renting properties in Hobart and Launceston is more affordable than other Australian capital cities. You will find accommodation close to the city and your study campus. There is no need to live far away, as our cities are so accessible. Please note: the rental market in Tasmania can be quite busy around January and February, due to many students commencing their studies. GETI recommends either finding temporary accommodation such as a hostel or homestay. Then once students are more settled, the search for other accommodation options will be easier.

Recommended websites to look for rental accommodation (please note these are all external websites and are not related to Government Education Training International):

Domain website


Hobart based Real Estate Agents: LJ Hooker

Find a house share accommodation with flatmates through:

You can also:

  • Consult local real estate agencies
  • Search Newspaper classifieds