Ju Lie Kim – South Korea

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Julie Kim is thankful for her time studying in Tasmania.

Arriving in Hobart in 2011, Julie studied Year 11 and 12 at Hobart College. During this time, she achieved great academic success. Studying a diverse range of subjects, including English as a Second Language, Maths Applied, Maths Methods, Japanese, Accounting, English Communications, and Korean, Ju Lie was the recipient of an academic award for her results in Maths Applied, and achieved a perfect score in Japanese.

There are many things about her study in Tasmania that Julie enjoyed. She liked learning about the culture of Australia, and sharing it with her homestay family. She also loved meeting many different people from various countries, as well as the local students. This, she notes, gave her a really great chance to open her mind. The best part of studying in Tasmania, however, was the great support from her teachers. “The support and warm attitude of the teachers gave me a lot of positive energy”, she says.

Julie credits her time in Tasmania with helping her to identify a strong interest in Accounting; an interest which she is continuing to focus on at a university level. After receiving offers to study at a number of universities including the Australian National University, University of Melbourne, Macquarie University and the University of Tasmania, Julie has returned to Korea where she is studying Commerce at Kyung Hee University.