Soo Kim – South Korea

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I found Tasmania is such a beautiful city. I was in love with Hobart; just in love! I stay here because I love beautiful environment, and good people, nice. Everything was fantastic for me.

My home city is much more crowded, it’s a busy life. But I found it so peaceful here, I can more concentrate on study. And the study is less stressful. Because I can choose whatever I want to study, but in my home country we have compulsory subjects which we have to do, even if we don’t want to study them. So it’s more useful and I think it’s more flexible for us.

The major reason why I chose Tasmania is because there are less Koreans here compared to the mainland of Australia, it’s a lot better for international students to study English as we have less opportunity to speak our language. So we speak more English rather than speak our language.